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Spring is here! 🌻

Hi, I'm Chyla, the founder of Outdoorism. I started this line as someone who didn't feel represented (seen) in the place I loved most (nature). In an effort to get more diversity and inclusion into these spaces, gear, activities, etc. I'll be putting together a top 3 list of my monthly favorites. Here we go...

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Freebody Podcast

I haven't written in a while, but here's a podcast! We humans have such complicated views of body image. It's always been a hot topic in my inner thoughts, so when I had the privilege to share my body-story with my dear friend, Paton on her new podcast, I was terrified/ excited.  Check out Freebody Podcast!   

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Lessons from Mother Nature: Get Comfortable with being Uncomfortable

There is no way to prepare for the unknown. When you're getting ready for a long trek or a high climb, the only way to train is to work in uncomfortable conditions. We "prepare" by going on longer hikes and breathing in higher altitudes. We get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Then, by the time the big challenge approaches, we're able to cope-- and to persevere.

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A Word for 2020

I started Outdoorism Apparel just over a year ago solely because I didn’t feel represented or seen as a black woman (in the outdoors and in so many other spaces). I didn’t know what to do about it, but I knew I had to do something.The mission of Outdoorism aligns with the idea that “we all belong outdoors, and outdoors we all belong”. But in a world that is still arguing against the fact that #blacklivesmatter, I feel like it’s necessary to make it explicitly clear that my original goal with this brand was to make other black women feel seen. And THEN extend that mission to other “others”/ marginalized folks and our allies. It may not be much, but it’s...

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