5 Ways Hiking is #Goals

"Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul."
-John Muir


Hiking can be bigger than a hobby or a way to get an extra workout in. Here are 5 ways hiking teaches us how to be better humans on and off of the trails. 

1| Hiking teaches us how to be alone. 

When we're young, so much of who we are is defined by the company we keep. We worry so much about what everyone thinks of us, that we don't give ourselves permission to ignore everyone else's opinion. Hiking gives us that permission. Nature is the place where we're free to let go of the shallow thoughts that fill our social lives. It's also the place where our minds are quiet enough to learn who we really are.

2| Hiking teaches us how to be together.

One of the best ways to connect with others is through nature. I envy the kids who were raised on family hikes and camping trips. I live for spending time in nature with loved ones. There is no texting or Netflix-binging out under stars... just campfires and connection. It's a beautiful way to be social.

3| Hiking frees us from the distractions of adulting. 

There is something wonderful about being unplugged in the outdoors. Suddenly all the worries and doubts that plague our minds are washed away with the revelation that the world is so much bigger than us... yet we are so a part of the world. Getting out in nature is the easiest way to gain perspective and humility.

4| Hiking teaches us to get over ourselves. 

One of the best parts of hiking is that you can't give up. If you're halfway up a mountain, you have to keep walking. Isn't that the best life lesson we can learn? No matter how tired, challenged, irritated or "over it" we are, we have to finish. Hiking takes us to that mental place where grit and perseverance carry us through--  which then gives us the power to call upon those things in all areas of our lives.

5| Hiking shows us we're capable. 

Sometimes, in the middle of hike, I'm not actually sure I enjoy hiking. In fact, I'm usually pretty convinced that I hate it. But the feeling I get after a tough ascent up a mountain as I'm overlooking a viewpoint-- that's when I know I love hiking. As much as I may have doubted my physical capabilities on the way up, I made it. And that gives me extra energy on the way down.

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