5 Ways to make Healthy Habits into a Lifestyle

You know you're weird when you find yourself saying, "I barely worked out this week. I only did two days of Crossfit, a two-hour rock-climbing session and a six mile hike." So, yes, I'm weird. But if you knew me when I was younger, I worked out maybe... once a month? Now, it's a part of me. Here are five ways I made healthy habits into a lifestyle.

1| Don't let 3 days go by without a good exercise session. 
They say that it takes 21 days to break a habit, but let's be honest. After three days, it becomes a lot easier to skip something. Like I said, I used to workout whenever I felt like it. But once I started thinking of rest days as the alternative rather than the norm, I started making fitness a part of my lifestyle.

2| Don't "make up" for cheat meals by skipping healthy meals. 
We need fuel, and food IS our fuel. Just because we had a moment of weakness with a carton of Ben & Jerry's doesn't mean it's adequate fuel. We need nutrients to keep our bodies at their best.

3| Change it up!
Even a person who thrives on routines can get bored. If you feel like you're in a workout rut, try something new. We live in a time and culture where everything is at our fingertips. Do a mud run, surf, box or even do a ninja warrior obstacle course! There's no reason to get trapped in the world of treadmills and bench presses.

4| Find a community. 
One of the reasons I got into Crossfit was because of the amazing community it provided. If I missed a workout, my community let me know they noticed. Then when I started hiking and climbing, I got that same welcoming feeling, and I quickly learned that outdoorists are some of the most inviting people you can spend time with. Can you build a healthy lifestyle on your own? Sure. But a little accountability and friendship help to get the momentum going.

5| Realize you have nothing to lose.
Sometimes I just want to be lazy, but there is one truth that keeps me moving: You will never regret a workout... but you'll probably regret skipping a workout. It's as simple as that. No regrets, no excuses!

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