Lessons from Mother Nature: Get Comfortable with being Uncomfortable

There is no way to prepare for the unknown. When you're getting ready for a long trek or a high climb, the only way to train is to work in uncomfortable conditions. We "prepare" by going on longer hikes and breathing in higher altitudes. We get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Then, by the time the big challenge arises, we're able to cope-- and to persevere.

If you've spent months training to climb Mount Everest, you're ready to take on the elevation, physical strain and even some of the mental challenges. That's the expected discomfort. And when something unexpected pops up, you're equipped to take it on because you are familiar with feelings of discomfort.

If there's one lesson to be learned from 2020's ups and downs, it's that life can get really uncomfortable really fast. 

How do you prepare for a life-threatening, economy-crushing global pandemic? How do you deal with loneliness in a quarantine? How do you find space for yourself if you're quarantined with others? How do you challenge a system that is inherently built on white supremacy when it's working in your favor? How do you have uncomfortable conversations that may reveal some uncomfortable truths?

I don't have the answer to any of these questions- ha! But I do have experience with discomfort, and it's made this year a lot easier. Maybe 2020 isn't the worst year of our lives. Maybe it's an opportunity for us to become the best version of ourselves.


  • Joni

    Answer to Maxi:
    Because she has you for a mom!!!🤗

  • JoniB

    To Maxi…because she had you for a mom!!!🤗

  • Maxi Anderson

    How did my child get so wise!!

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