Lessons from Mother Nature: Love your Body

Being a human in a body can be really hard.

I was a chubby kid... and a chubby teenager. And a chubby young adult! I was very active with a healthy diet, but I was stuck in a size that didn't reflect it. I hated my body for it. I resented my body. How could I be doing everything "right" without any of it working?

It wasn't until I started to look at my body as my ally rather than my enemy that it started to change. When I started CrossFit and hiking, there was a shift in perspective. My body wasn't just this awkward vessel that kept be trapped inside. It was a magnificent connection to these activities that I loved.

How could I hate something that did so much for me every day?

From a taking a simple breath, to climbing up the face of a mountain, our bodies are amazing. Who cares what size they are? Who cares what they look like in a pair of jeans?

To be completely honest, I still care. Unfortunately, I'm a woman in my thirties in Los Angeles, and warped beauty standards are pretty much inescapable. But I have also learned to value what blessings our bodies are. And that means more than any of the shallow and hateful thoughts that surface when we're standing in front of a mirror.


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