Lessons from Mother Nature: Say Dat

"Polite conversation is rarely either." - Fran Lebowitz


I used to think that I was afraid of confrontation... I went through my twenties thinking, "Don't say what you're really thinking-- you don't want them to think you're confrontational." And so... I filtered. I suffered through a very polite existence.

It's become clear to me that "polite" just doesn't matter. It's hard enough for humans to connect with one another... and TRUST, it can be lonely to be a woman who says how she feels and asks for what she deserves. We often become villains when we say what we think & how we feel. We're taught to be good. Compliant. Simple. Polite. But how can we truly connect if we're not being honest? Isn't reaching that deeper level of truth worth an awkward conversation or two? Isn't it worth sacrificing the politeness

I've come to the conclusion that kindness > politeness. As long as my heart's intention leads with kindness, I can freely say all the things! 

I know what you're thinking: How does this relate to the outdoors? Well... (everyone in my life is probably sick of hearing about it, but) I recently climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro. One of my greatest takeaways from the trip was being able to escape the noise of everyday life. 11 days of practically no mirrors, no internet, no phones, no TV and no music. Just me, nature and some wonderful humans. When life's stripped down like that, politeness doesn't even exist. It doesn't have to because there's no noise. Communication, intentions and feelings are clear.

I'm not planning to run away and live off the grid in the mountains anytime soon. So for now, I'm just gonna say what's on my mind with the hope of recreating that same bliss. I'm choosing to cut through the noise as loud as I can if I have to.

I used to say that my spirit animal was a deer. Timid, graceful, etc. Last year, while watching animals on safari, my friends unanimously shot that down and voted me a lioness. Everything a lioness does is full of strength, pride and intention-- which is exactly who I am (on my best days). Plus, like a lioness, I LOVE a good nap! 



  • Karen Clark-Green Cooks

    So very proud of you!

  • Karen Clark-Green Cooks

    So very proud of you!

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