Take a Hike (No, Really)

This is the first of many events in 2023! Together, we'll create a safe space where everyone can go hiking, climbing, camping, etc. throughout the year.

When: 8am sharp on Saturday 1/7. Please plan ahead and expect parking to be bad since everyone is on their New Year resolution hiking game.
Where: We'll meet In the Greek Theater parking lot at 8am and start our hike up to Mount Hollywood for epic views of the Hollywood sign.
Distance: 3(ish) miles
Duration: 1.5 - 2 hours
Difficulty: Moderate (with opportunities to get a workout in)
RSVP and save your spot! 



What started as an apparel brand, is now a community. Outdoorism is a safe space to to get outside together. Anyone can join- and all are welcome! This is a safe space to get outside together.


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