What is Outdoorism?

out•door•ism | The belief that we all belong outdoors and outdoors, we all belong.

I'm mostly a hiker/climber/camper, but I love pretty much everything about being outside. There are so many lessons Mother Nature teaches us about ourselves and about the world! She never disappoints. I've been a weekend warrior for about 3 years now, and during my adventures something became painfully evident to me...As a woman-- and a woman of color that-- I didn't see many people on the trails who looked like me. In fact, I didn't see many people who didn't fit the profile of a physically fit, straight white male. And then I began to ask myself why.

I didn't grow up camping or hiking. Actually, I'd always hated the idea of sleeping outside. It wasn't until my boyfriend invited me to Joshua Tree for a backpacking trip with his friends a few years ago that I ever thought I'd be capable of such a thing. It was too hot and windy, we didn't have enough food, we hiked for hours! But, somehow, I fell in love with the whole experience. It was an adventure, yet immensely therapeutic. I suddenly wondered what I'd been missing out on my whole life.

Just like me, I don't think many community groups know what they're missing. I want to change that. The outdoors doesn't belong to any one culture, it is a culture. Thus, Outdoorism was born.

It's not just the outdoors-- It's important that all kinds of people should feel comfortable anywhere they want. I know I do.

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